I’m Siddhartha Verma, an Officer of the Indian Railway Traffic Service. After completing my degrees in Political Science and Law, I cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam in 2015. I have been an environment and animal activist all my life, being involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation and advocacy for animal rights. The purpose of this forum is to share ideas, vision, plans for the development of India in various spheres of endeavour. My areas of interest include politics, law, history, railways, education, health, environment and animal rights.

In future, more and more people not only from the civil services but various walks of life will contribute to this forum. The purpose is not just to share ideas but to provide concrete solutions to various challenges that India and the world faces and also to educate people on these issues.

So, stay tuned!

(Views expressed in various articles are personal and do not reflect the official position of the Government of India or the Government of any State)